The Three Points fees’ structure can be resumed in three points:


Hourly Fee

Legal support services, such as legal advice, contract drafting, contract revisions, assistance with contract negotiation or legal translations, are charged at an agreed hourly rate.

Three Points is very cost-efficient: we do not rent any fancy offices nor do we maintain an international network; therefore we can offer relatively competitive rates for multilingual services performed by senior lawyers.

Three Points is committed to an efficient use of time and resources.


Fixed Fee

3Pts Legal Tools© are made available at an agreed fixed fee.

We go to great lengths to be as concise as possible and go straight to the point (more on: our commitment) and we value the time of our customers. The fee of a 3Pts Legal Tool© is therefore not related to the length of the document.


Daily Fee

Legal interim services are charged at an agreed daily rate.

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, Three Points will not charge any extra costs on top of the agreed fees such as correspondence costs, or travel costs in Belgium.

Three Points’ services are subject to VAT.