Three Points is committed to sound legal advice, watertight contracts and adequate legal risk management.

Our way of managing legal affairs can be resumed in three points:



  •  We are committed to keep pace with new legal developments by continuous education
  •  We rely on extensive experience in managing legal affairs, from three points of view
    • The point of view of a magistrate in a commercial court (since 2005)
    • The point of view of a company lawyer and general counsel (almost 20 years)
    • The point of view of the external adviser (attorney-at law, now consultant)
  •  We will not play the sorcerer’s apprentice
    • We will not advice you in tax law or in labour law matters because we do not master these areas
    • At some occasions, we may suggest you request a second opinion from an expert in a particular area of expertise


Client focus

  •  The concrete impact for your business matters more than the legal theory behind it
  • We will tailor our advice to your specific situation
  • We value the development of a personal relationship based on trust


To the point

  •  Our aim is to bring across even complex messages in an accessible format
  •  We try to be concise, to go the essence. We will not try to impress you with bombast
  •  We do not believe in justifying our fees by inefficiency or by sending very long opinions